Our Services


Once the needs assessment, schedule and financial proposal has been completed and agreed upon, Renaissance Quality Home Care commences services. If the client's need for personal assistance changes, adjustments are made to accommodate the variation.


We Offer:

Housekeeping Services:
Living in a safe, clean environment is essential to a person's physical and emotional health. Our housekeeping service is of the highest quality, and Renaissance staff will ensure that the client's home is clean, comfortable and safe. Because of liability insurance restrictions, housekeeping tasks are limited to interior projects only.
Meal Preparation:
Cooking healthy, tasty and inexpensive meals is frequently an arduous task for people with physical limitations. Renaissance staff will prepare and store for future use, tasty and nutrient-rich meals that satisfies both the client's appetite and budget.Renaissance Home Health Care offers housekeeping, meal preparation, shopping and other home health care services.
Renaissance staff are available to shop in behalf of their clients. This includes weekly grocery shopping, shopping for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and social gatherings. Upon completion of the shopping excursion, receipts for all purchased items are presented to the client to ensure that the client's funds were spent in accordance with his or her instructions.
Hygiene Regimens:
Bathing, oral hygiene, shaving, shampooing, dressing and undressing are all essential elements of independent living. Renaissance staff are trained to carry out personal hygiene duties with respect to privacy and confidentiality, physical limitations, and the client's ability to perform certain aspects of his/her own personal hygiene regimen.
Medication Reminders:
Although Renaissance does not dispense or administer medications, our staff will remind the client when it is time to take them. We will also keep track of medications to ensure the client has an adequate supply at all times.
Renaissance will provide transportation to medical appointments, social events, family gatherings, church functions, sporting events and other activities, depending on times, schedules, distances and any restrictions placed by third party payers. Specific transportation needs will be discussed during the needs assessment interview and factored in accordingly in the care plan.
We understand and recognize that occasionally physical limitations, personal circumstances or the aging process deprive people of the interpersonal relationships that they once enjoyed. Many home-bound folks enjoy the give and take of stimulating conversation, the exchange of philosophies and ideas, and the company of others who share similar interests and experiences. During the course of our duties we encourage our clients to chat with our staff, share thoughts, reminisce, and discuss any subject that comes to mind. We assure complete confidentiality and respect for the client's point of view.
We will arrange for the client's pastor, clergy person or spiritual leader to be in contact with him/her if such a service is requested. We keep our clients in contact with their place of worship and will accompany them to their place of worship if physical assistance or transportation is needed.
Administrative Assistance:
This service includes taking inventory of household staples, tracking appointments, budgeting, assistance with paying bills, completing medical insurance claim forms, correspondence, deciphering Medicare regulations and dealing with unfamiliar vendors seeking to do business with the client.
Physical Fitness:
Being physically, emotionally and mentally fit is important at all ages. As we get older we become less active, which results in decreased energy. Older adults can benefit immensely from a well-balanced exercise program that is especially designed for them. We can create a program that conforms to the client's physical limitations and health condition that will help lead to better sleep, greater energy and an overall greater feeling of well-being.
Other Assistance:
If he/she has needs not previously addressed, they are encouraged to share them with us. We will be glad to respond to them or refer them to an agency or individual who can be of assistance.