Please meet Karen Brann...

Karen is Chief Executive Officer and founder/owner of Renaissance Quality Home Care.


Karen felt an overwhelming call to become a caregiver in the fall of 2004 and created her own agency in 2005.


Through numerous experiences, including her father’s diagnosis with vascular dementia, Karen has been moved to develop and higher and more dedicated level of care for retired professionals, business people and public figures.


It’s the Renaissance mission to find the perfect caregiver to match the personality of the clients’ interests and personal preferences with a trained, licensed caregiver who is most suitable to respond to that client’s needs; providing completer personal attention at every level.


Renaissance is defined as a time of renewal, resurgence and regeneration. It is Karen’s goal to make this pivotal time in your life a positive and fulfilling one. She welcomes the opportunity to share the Renaissance experience with you.


Please Meet Ann McKenna...

Ann McKenna brings her twenty-five years of healthcare experience in Massachusetts and Maine to Renaissance in her role as owner/manager of client relations. Much of her experience has centered on Down’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia and Parkinson’s diseases.


Though she frequently traveled to Maine over the years, she realized her dream when she moved full-time to Maine. Ann brings her positive attitude and compassion to all the individuals she works with in the area. Ann has a keen sense of matching clients with caregivers, which provides a person-centered approach to care giving. By working closely with clients and their families, she helps ensure that life continues to be meaningful and safe. Meeting weekly with the Alzheimer’s team at Renaissance she works to address client and family needs. Ann truly believes that every day is a new beginning.


Please Meet Sheryl Coleman-Lucas...

Sheryl Coleman-Lucas. RN, MSN is one of the first people you will meet when she completes your intake information. Sheryl also oversees our care providers. She follows traditional and holistic medical care. She enjoys assisting people in their latter retirement years achieve new goals and participate in productive, enjoyable activities. She believes that age is only a number and that we are to live our lives to the fullest as long as are we physically and mentally able.


She uses a holistic approach which includes the mind, body and spirit when considering the needs of those she serves. She is confident that everyone is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” She is of particular value to people who are transitioning from a totally independent lifestyle to one that requires occasional or recurrent assistance with their activities of daily living.


Sheryl’s experience includes facility case assessments, Alzheimer’s team leadership, hospice care, and over twenty-eight years working in various capacities in the health care.